What you should know, before renting a property!

If you are considering renting a property, within the Yorkshire area there is a couple of things you might not be aware of, that’s why we have put together our simple guide to explain such items as bonds, advanced rent, smoke alarms, certifications and contracts.

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A bond is something nearly every property will have when you are looking to rent a property. Normally a bond or deposit is to the value of one month’s rent, however sometimes can differ based on the property type. An example of this would be for rooms, these require a smaller deposit as there is a smaller risk of damage been cause to a room than a whole property.

Advanced Rent


Advanced rent is a term used by letting agents in Yorkshire that you have to place one month’s rent upfront and then continue to stay one month’s upfront. This is designed to minimise risk to the landlord.

Smoke alarms


It is now law to have smoke alarms in all rented accommodations. So you must check that you have working smoke alarms before you move in. Then once you are in the property and living in it, it then becomes your responsibility to check and maintain them.

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Gas Cert, Electric Certificate and EPC


You must check all certificates are in order! These certificates are required for all rented accommodations. It is also now law for these to be provided when signing any contract to a new property. These certificates ensure that the property you are renting is safe.



Contrary to people’s beliefs a tenancy agreement should be put in place on all rented accommodation. A tenancy agreement is designed to favour both parties both the tenant and the landlord. By having a tenancy agreement, you are ensuring the period of rental, for example if you sign a 12-month tenancy agreement you are guaranteed the property for this period. It will also outline what you are responsible of as the tenant and what the landlord will be responsible for. This agreement will need to be signed by both parties to be valid.

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