Serviced apartments… in Doncaster… Really?

Any investor, in general, is looking for a high return on investment. Property investment is no different.

Through time, property market has evolved and best property investment returns have shifted from one property market to another.

From single lets to commercial property or to HMOs, the highest returns have moved from one market to another.

Serviced apartments are much less known to property investors and most of the time they act like a grey area where investors do not feel comfortable going.

Even more, most property investors are asking themselves:

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Are serviced apartments really working in Doncaster?

As one of the companies who started managing serviced apartments in Doncaster area since 2010, and therefore developed and shaped the serviced apartments market in Doncaster, Force 10 Property Management has deep knowledge and understanding in what is required to make a success of serviced apartments.

The list of criteria to ensure a serviced apartment is successful is long – therefore a landlord with little or no experience in the serviced apartment market can get it wrong very quickly.

At Force 10 Property Management we have extensive experience with both starting a serviced apartment from scratch – where we look at converting a current property into serviced apartment – to turning around a serviced apartment and delivering outstanding reviews and results – therefore delivering outstanding return on investment for serviced apartments in Doncaster.

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I thought Doncaster is not suitable for serviced apartments

To be absolutely honest, most property investors – whether they have already invested in Doncaster or not – are thinking the same.

Investing in the property market is more difficult now than it used to be – returns have declined, property sellers are getting smarter, tenants are smarter too and therefore they are more demanding – including of lower rents, tenants tend to default more on paying the rents on time.

Serviced apartments market instead is booming and the demand is increasing more and more. People travel more and they are looking for quality, no matter where they are travelling to.

People are also willing to pay more for quality accommodation – therefore serviced apartments in Doncaster is the perfect opportunity to invest.

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Not all serviced apartments work in Doncaster

A serviced apartment requires a lot more commitment and management than a normal property to let, including HMOs.

Therefore the serviced apartments cannot be successful unless there is a dedicated team to ensure everything is provided for, a team that has got the experience to deal with the issue arising from managing serviced apartments then and there, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Unless a perfect management is provided for the serviced apartments, serviced apartments may prove a bitter experience – therefore we strongly recommend using a professional with proven record in making serviced apartments a success on the Doncaster market.

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Why should I use Force 10 Property Management to manage my serviced apartment in Doncaster?

Managed right, serviced apartments in Doncaster can prove one of the best investments you will ever make.

The returns are excellent and, priced right and with the costs under control, you can relax and look for your next profitable investment.

Force 10 Property Management has the breadth of know-how and experience that can make (almost) any serviced apartment successful in Doncaster.

We know to select the best market for the apartment as well as how to market any property to that specific market.

Back in 2010, when we put our first serviced apartment on the Doncaster market we have started in a market where serviced apartments where almost non-existing. In a way, we pride ourselves of being among the pioneering companies that have created, shaped and developed the serviced apartments market in Doncaster.

Are you looking for a professional to make your property investment a success?

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