When a landlord is looking to rent out a property, landlord services available via a letting agent in Doncaster or the whole of the Yorkshire area is usually something that gets massively overlooked. This simple guide will explain which landlord services a letting agent or estate agent can and should provide.

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Property advertisement only

Property advertisement only service is perfect for any landlord working on a budget who is wanting to retain full control of the letting process. 


By using this service available from some of theletting agents and property management companies in Doncaster,landlords will be able to market their property or commercial space on property portals such as, Zoopla and many more.


All leads are then vetted to landlord’s requirements and then passed onto the landlord to arrange viewings directly with the interested party.


This service is specifically designed for landlords who want to conduct the property viewings, tenant selection and tenant check-in themselves, with no support from a third party such as a letting agent or property management company

Property advertising via social media


Other than advertising a property on the usual channels (i.e. property portals), one can use social media channels to promote properties to people looking to rent.


A simple hashtag (#) can really make a difference to any post and can widen a viewing rate from 30 to 300 viewings.


Word of mouth


Never underestimate the power of word of mouth, simply sending a text to all friends saying the property is coming available on a certain date can really help with filling a property.


Don’t be shy!


Ask friends to help: if each friend knows 30 people and the original message is sent to 40 people, that’s a possible reach of 1,200 people!

Tenant Find

There are situations when landlords want to manage the property themselves, however they want to use professionals to get the right tenant into their property.


The right letting agent or property management company can take all the stress out of finding a tenant for a property. This level of service is usually called Tenant Find and is provided on a no tenant, no fee basis.


This level of service covers everything from photographing, advertising and finding a tenant that is suitable for the respective property. After a suitable tenant is found, a tenancy agreement is signedbetween landlordand tenant. Upon checking the tenant in, the tenancy is handed back to the landlord for day to day management of the property, tenant and the respective tenancy.

Word of advice: landlords looking to take this level of service should carefully select the letting agent or property management company to do the job. Sometimes the cheapest agent or service does not mean the best service. Especially that the agent is involved only during the selection process and therefore there is limited responsibility should things go wrong later, careful consideration is recommended when selecting the right letting agent.


Also, there are still agents out there asking of payment in advance. Landlords should carefully consider if this would work in their best interest and what leverage they maintain if they pay for the service in advance.

Full Property Management


For one or more properties in the portfolio, there are many situations when landlords do not want to deal with the odd 2am phone calls from the tenant because something needs landlord’s attention.


In that case, full property management is the right choice. As part of this service usually a letting agent will handle all day to day running of the property portfolio (with one or more properties in it) from finding tenants, keeping the propertiescompliant with all the new laws and regulations, as well as handling all tenants’ issues.


For this service, a management fee is usually charged, as a percentage of the month’s rent or as a fixed amount.

How we can help: your local letting agent in Doncaster and Yorkshire

Force 10 Property Management can assist landlords by offering a local , specialist letting agent services that will guide you through the process and find the best option for you.


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